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Green Man Gaming doesn’t just sell games, we publish them too! Our GMG Publishing team scours the world to find the best games with the biggest potential and helps get them finished and released. If you see the GMG Publishing name on a game you know you’re going to play something like nothing you’ve ever played before, from building models in the comfort of your own virtual world to explore the depths of the galaxy. GMG Publishing don’t just publish games, they build experiences.

Kainga is an ancient village builder set in a fantasy world full of surprises. Adaptation is key where weather events, massive beasts or other tribes can easily erase you from history. Every time you play, your village’s culture, technology, and look will be different depending on your surroundings, environment, climate, altitude and the resources available to you. Design a unique town with every play-through.
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Cut out, assemble, paint, and then customize your models! Build planes, tanks, ships, figures, and so much more. Create stunning and epic scale models for the world to see. Once your model is complete, that is not the end! Plus there are some exciting DLC to get your teeth stuck into now too!



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Filthy Animals is a chaotic multiplayer heist game for 1-4 players. Take on the role of mutant animals following the orders of Tony, the criminal mastermind of the operation. Bumble through a series of heists starting with a convenience store and a bank, gradually unlocking more challenging robberies.
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GMG Publishing are experts in getting games to release with years of expertise in publishing, marketing, project management, and everything in-between. No matter what you need support with on your game making journey, GMG Publishing can help. So if you’re making a game - get in touch today, we might make the perfect team.

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