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Featured Unreal Engine Titles

Epic Games’ Unreal Engine has been powering award-winning games for over two decades. This hub delivers insight into the Unreal ecosystem to show how the engine empowers today’s creators and players. Also highlighted here are several Unreal-powered titles you might enjoy! If you’re curious about game development or just want to explore popular games from a brand new perspective, read on for more details.



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HK$185.00 HK$185.00

Latest articles from green man gaming


How To Find All The Secret Bits In A Hat In Time

There’s more to A Hat in Time than meets the eye, so let us help you descover all the hidden secrets this charming platformer has to offer!

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Everything We Know So Far About BioMutant

BioMutant has quickly picked up a buzz on the back of its gorgeous looks, original game world and bizarre twists on the open-world RPG formula, in this article we explore what we already know about the title!

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What’s Next For The Darksiders Series?

After quite the hiatus since Death walked the earth in 2012, Darksiders is soon to return in 2018. Find out what's in store in the third installment of the series!

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What Makes Qube 2 Such An Interesting Puzzler?

The original Qube's sequel is indie adventure-puzzling heaven. But here’s what sets it apart from the rest!

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Battle Royale On the Open Seas?! Exactly what is Maelstrom?

What happens when you take the familiar pillars of battle royale games and take them to the high seas? Maelstrom is what happens!

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Styx: Shards Of Darkness A Goblin's Guide To Stealth Skills

We've put together a handy little guide for some of Styx’s best skills giving you the lowdown on what they are, how to use them!

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We're proud to team up with Unreal and Epic Games to offer 10 keys for Fortnite: Deluxe Edition!

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We got the chance to chat with Eric Williamson - Lead Systems designer on Fortnite Battle Royale and Darren Sugg - Creative Director on Fortnite. Here’s what they had to say.

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What is Vampyr?

Vampyr is an action RPG where you take on the role of a plague doctor in London, 1918. A plague doctor with - you guessed it - fangs.

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Ships, Guns and Gadgets - Your guide to looting in Everspace

To get you prepared for the heat of Deadspace's galactic dogfights, we've put together a primer so you know exactly what ships, guns, and gadgets will suit your playstyle.

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Beginners Guide To Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

Marvel vs. Capcom is back, pitting two distinct universes against each other in stylised, frenetic, 2D tag-matches. Get up to speed if you're new to the franchise in this quickstart guide.

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Interview with Joe Kreiner From Epic Games

We recently had the chance to chat with Joe Kreiner from the Unreal Engine business development team about the ways in which Unreal Engine is empowering today’s developers. Check it out!

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ABZU: Voyage to the Bottom of the World

Author: Alex M

My name is Jacques Custard, and I am going to be your host as we delve far beneath the waves, what sealife will we find, what unexplored treasures?

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Forrest Dowling's 'The Flame In The Flood' Developer Diary

We got in touch with Forrest Dowling, the lead designer on Flame in the Flood to find out more about how the game came to be. You can check out Forrest’s development diary below.

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Battlefleet Gothic: Armada - Q&A With The Devs

Author: Olly

We interviewd the developers over at Focus Home Interactive. We asked them how it was to work on a 40K game, and also how they managed to create one of the most intense and detail-rich space battle games to date.

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The Inspiration Behind The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

It’s easy to get lost in the vast woodlands and shells of empty trees, with the cascading branches and sloping rocky mounds that make up one of the most beautiful landscapes I’ve seen in a game.

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Surviving your first hours in Conan Exiles

Author: Milo

If you’ve paid any mind to games news this year, then you will know that Conan Exiles has made many a headline since releasing into Early Access in January and shifting 320,000 units in its first week.

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The Battleships of Battlefleet Gothic: Armada

Authors: Alex C, Olly

Miles in length, armed to the teeth, and millennia in terms of age, these are the most awesome ships you can command.

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How does Intel help bring gaming alive

We asked the team at Intel about the i7 core processors and what they mean to gamers, getting the intel story, on just how important the processors are in the gaming industry.

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