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About The Elder Scrolls

The Elder Scrolls series is regarded as one of the best RPG franchises to date. From Elder Scrolls: Arena back in 1994 to The Elder Scrolls Online, these games have captured the imaginations of millions.

This hub will cover the whole of the Elder Scrolls series, from the lesser known Elder Scrolls games to fan favorites such as Morrowind and Skyrim. If you want to read about your favourite Elder Scrolls game or get some information on the series as a whole, then this hub will have you covered.

News and Gameplay


Morrowind Release Date, Trailer And Editions

Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind is right around the corner, with a 6th June release date and special early access for players who buy the Morrowind upgrade or physical collector’s edition.


12 Signs You've Played Too Much Morrowind

With a world that's full of mystery, mushrooms, and cliffracers, Morrowind can suck you in and once it gets its teeth in you, they might never let you go. So here's 12 signs you've played too much Morrowind, because sometimes you need a friend to tell you to back away from the skooma.


ESO Guide - Beginner's Tips

The world of The Elder Scrolls online can be pretty daunting for first time players. To help first time adventures get started we have put together this handy list of beginner tips to help you find your feet.


Morrowind: A Look Back At Vvardenfell

Morrowind’s back, we’re heading back to Vvardenfell! The Elder Scrolls Online’s next expansion is to be set on the small island of Vvardenfell, a place we haven’t been since 2002! Or if you’re in-universe, a place we won’t go to again for 800 years.


A History Of The Elder Scrolls Series

Now a vastly popular MMORPG, The Elder Scrolls series has come a long way since the arena combat game released in 1994. The world and lore has expanded and continues to sprout on to new platforms from collectible card games to open worlds. Here you’ll find a history of The Elder Scrolls Games…

The Elder Scrolls Online - Class Guides


ESO: Templar Class Guide

The Templar is one of the ESO classes, playable in the current game and new Morrowind expansion. They are a knight class, who use the power from light and sun to deal large amounts of damage, whilst acting as a healing and buffing class.


ESO: Dragonknight Class Guide

Dragonknights are the tanks of ESO, they’re the warriors. Front line, sword and shield, they’ll be found wherever the fighting is hardest and they’ll be there until the fighting is done.


ESO: Sorcerer Class Guide

The Sorcerer class is one of the magic-based classes in Elder Scrolls Online. They utilise the elements of the world such as lightning and tornadoes to deal damage to enemies.


ESO: Warden Class Guide

Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind will be adding a new character class, the Warden, a powerful allrounder, who uses nature to aid them in battle.

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