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Destiny 2

Destiny introduced us to an expansive universe where The Traveler paved the way for humanity to colonise the solar system. It gave us an insight into a rooted story between The Darkness and The Light, Destiny 2 plans to build on this universe and delve into the deep lore of the solar system and the galaxy.

This hub is a one stop shop full of information on the Destiny universe. So if you want to catch up on all things Destiny and Destiny 2 then this is the place for you.

Latest articles from green man gaming



Author: Rob

This timeline highlights the key parts in Destiny’s past, present and future. It highlights the story elements set before the game during and after the game including its expansions. SO if you want to dive deeper into Destiny’s lore then this timeline should have you covered.

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Author: Rob

As Destiny 2 is hitting consoles on September 8 2017 and PC on 24th October 2017, we thought it would be a great idea to get you up to speed on Destiny and why you should be making that purchase.

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Destiny 2 Beta, Gameplay, Release Date and More

Author: Gina

Destiny 2 is just around the corner, releasing on 6th September 2017 on PlayStation and Xbox and 24th October for PC players, to see the summer game drought in with a spectacular start to the run up to the New Year.

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Bungie's Legacy

Author: Rob

Let me take you back to 1993 when Bungie released their first ever first person shooter game, Pathways into Darkness which was released exclusively for the Apple Mac.

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The voice actors of the Destiny universe

Author: Rob

Destiny is crammed full of famous voice actors, some that you will recognise in an instant, whilst other may surprise you. Here is a list of the famous voice actors of Destiny, how many did you recognise?

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Destiny 2 PC: Everything You Need To Know

Author: Olly

Destiny 2 is coming to PC this year, and it’s the first time the series has done so. Its developers, Bungie, have almost always released games on consoles, and then a PC version has been developed much later.

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